June 30, 2011

Great Dane & Golden Retriever

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There is a new kid in town. His name is Remi and he’s Denali newest neighbor joining his older brother and one of Denali’s most loyal playmates, Bentley. Remi is a 9 week old Great Dane weighing about 18 pounds to Denali’s 75 pounds. After chatting with Remi’s new mum, I found out that his father weighs a whopping 204 pounds and mother 150 pounds. Since that is a wee bit bigger than me and D combined, I though it would be fun to take a before, and in a few months, an after photo of the two new friends. Denali welcomes you to the neighborhood Remi!

June 27, 2011

Farmers Market

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Thursday, Denali, a friend and I visited the local farmers market in Perrysburg, Ohio. This most likely will be Denali’s first and last trip to the market this year. Denali was very thoughtful leading us around the market and he would not let us top and check anything out. However, ┬áhe’d stop and sniff, eat some kettle corn on the sidewalk, and say hello to some fellow canine friends. D even helped himself to some kid’s food and a few random people’s food, as they sat curbside eating. Some of the people were not too happy with Denali taste testing their food and others did not care. (Yes, I know, I need to work on his manners.) When we came upon some summer flowers I had him pose for a photo. Have a great week everyone!

June 23, 2011

Bug Repellent

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My father is going to give me a very long lecture after he sees this photo. This is the insect hat my dad wears when he works in his prized garden, which my mother hates. Recently, I asked my dad if I could borrow his green bug repellent hat for Denali’s blog photo. “No,” he told me, “Don’t you dare!”. So, with the help of my mother and some talented detective work, I was able to take a photo of D wearing it. However, the thing that surprised me the most was Denali did not have a problem wearing it… Then I thought for a moment, it’s probably because Denali sees my dad in it all the time while he’s running laps around the garden. I love you Dad, and have a great weekend everyone!

June 20, 2011

Children and Dogs

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Friday, two of our favorite little ladies joined Denali and I for lunch. After we finished eating, little Miss J looked over and saw Denali laying alone in the kitchen. She asked me, “Is he lonely, does he need a hug?” Before I knew it, she was on the ground with Denali giving him a big but little hug. It’s amazing how children and animals warm your heart. Have a great week everyone!

June 16, 2011

Dog Tricks

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The majority of people who have dogs have trained them to do some sort of a trick. A few people I know have trained their dogs to roll over, crawl, twirl, wave, speak or catch a frisbee. My son Denali is not familiar with any of those tricks, but he does have a couple to offer. First of all, and my favorite thing that he does is model in clothes, wigs and glasses included while I take his photos for his Denali The Dog photo collection. The other trick he’s mastered, is to sit still while I put a biscuit on his nose. Normally, I give Denali a command, or sometimes my words are not needed and he flips his head back and catches the biscuit in his mouth. Everyone always loves to watch Denali in action. So with his approval I took a step 1 and step 2 photo to share. Have a great weekend everyone!

June 13, 2011

Dogs Running & Racing

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Sunday morning, Denali and I went for a morning walk at a local track with my parents, aka Denali’s “grandparents.” The two boys, my dad and Denali, lead my mother and I around the track as we chatted enjoying the cool breeze. In my eyes, Denali is a very loyal son and that’s my theory on Denali. I say this because my mother and I were walking far behind the boys and were in deep conversation when suddenly, we heard some galloping with some heavy breathing, and there was Denali running to us. He must have missed me or something… I love you Denali!

June 9, 2011

Dogs & Air Conditioning

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Apparently the coolest place in my house must be my bathroom. Normally I visit the bathroom for necessary purposes, and I’ve never, ever considered hanging out in it. However, this past week it was extremely hot and humid in Ohio, so I was forced to use my air conditioner to keep Denali and I sane. After turning on the air, I lost sight of Denali which is very odd because normally he is attached at my hip. After searching my little two bedroom house, opening up closet doors and even looking under my bed, I finally found Denali napping in my petite, but chilly bathroom. “OMG,” I said to Denali, as he lifted up his head. “You’re being Anti-Social,” I told him. Then he laid his head back down and continued to nap. Have a great weekend everyone!

June 6, 2011

Ambassador Bridge & O Canada

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Denali has accompanied me on many photo assignments in Detroit and he probably knows parts of the city as well as I do. However, the one place he has not joined me is on a drive across the Ambassador Bridge. The bridge is a suspension bridge that connects Detroit with Canada. I’m sure Denali would love to hang his head out the Jeep enjoying the nice view of the city, but I’m too nervous. First of all, I do not have a passport for Denali and second, I worry customs might give me problems if I tell them that the purpose of my visit to Canada is to take a photo of my dog. So over the weekend Denali and I were in Detroit and I noticed the bridge. When we got to the bridge, I put my sunglasses on Denali and asked him to sit still for a photo. He sat for a second or two before he came running to me. I love you Denali!!

June 2, 2011

Spoiled Dogs & Manners

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Denali is a bit spoiled you can say, he thinks that everything he sees or comes in contact with belongs to him. I have tried to explain to him for years that he needs to work on his manners, but Denali does not care. It’s fine with me, but others do not always agree with me. For example, whenever the little boy next door is outside playing ball, Denali likes to swipe his ball. As soon as Denali charges out the door, he runs, or in this case, leaps after the ball while the boy is playing. At first the little boy did not mind it, but when Denali would take the ball and not give it back, he started having a problem. Honestly, it’s very odd having a 7 year old telling me, “It’s time to put Denali in the house.” Have a great weekend everyone!

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