June 17, 2010


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I gave Denali a kiss goodby, grabbed my gear, and headed out the door. As I drove away from my home, I looked back at my house and in my bedroom window I saw DENALI looking out at me!! It about broke my heart but made me smile. Denali is attached at my hip–I’m not sure if it’s a golden thing or a dog thing. In our little home Denali never leaves me alone and follows me everywhere, it’s like I feel I’m being watched.

Its amazing how he opens doors with his nose just to join me. Somehow Denali has mastered the bathroom door and always feels the urge to join me. I mean, company is great, but not always needed. I love you Denali!

June 8, 2010

Golden Retrievers are WONDERFUL with kids!

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Denali loves everyone, especially my friends two little ladies. They chase, ride, feed and the little one even tried dressing him. Honestly, he was not too excited about being dressed after spending the afternoon in the studio with me. But, after driving their father nuts by destroying the family room which my friend just cleaned, I decided it was time that the girls Denali and I go outside. The girls then though it would be exciting to get Denali to bark. So while they were barking at him commanding him to speak.. Denali kept on staring at me!! It should be the other way around.. ya know.. dogs barking.. kids talking but, it’s all good!

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