May 12, 2010


Filed under: Fashion Shoot — denalithedog @ 1:45 pm

After Denali and I had a long conversation about how important it is to listen to his mommy, I decided to take a self-portrait of us. Please excuse my clothes, it was a very long day and I had about 4 to 5 non sugar cups of expresso by the time I took this photo. Overall, this photo was truly a bit challenging to shoot. First of all, I stuffed about 5 small balloons in to his hat to keep it elevated which he kept on trying to fling off. Second, Denali was not too happy about the goatee. Every time I replaced the goatee he kept on trying to lick it off. Honestly, it felt like we were at a disco. From the way he kept on shaking his head and talking with his mouth. Maybe next time I’ll shoot some video.. I bet everyone would love it!

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