August 30, 2008

Denali’s 1st Meet-n-Greet in Plymouth, Michigan

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Brad and his sister Pam, owners of Three Dog Bakery, in Plymouth Michigan hang out with Denali after his  first in store appearance. Denali had an excellent time and greeted many fans. The bakery is full of fresh pastries with natural ingredients.  Since,  Denali is part ITALIAN, he ate a good portion of fresh doggie canoli.  He even asked for some expresso but, I told him maybe later.

All of Denali’s cards sales today, went to the Michigan Humane Society.  Denali and I will be back in November to sell Christmas cards.  I will keep you posted on our next visit.



August 23, 2008


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YEs…  they certainly do.  Denali shows off his golden smile while relaxing from chasing the tennis ball today in the backyard.  



August 7, 2008

Ferry ride on Chesapeake Bay in Maryland

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We got lost yesterday in Maryland and ended up riding The Oxford Bellevue Ferry on the Chesapeake Bay. A very nice couple from Virginia held Denali’s leash while I took his photo.

Once arriving on land we came upon a little town named St Michaels and found a nice shop called Flying Fred’s where Denali’s cards will soon be sold.





The Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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After chasing a few people while running the Rocky steps with me at the Philadelphia Art Museum, Denali takes a moment to catch his breath.

In the movie when Rocky reached the top,  he lifted his dog Punchy.  I suggested the idea to Denali for a photo but, he wanted to keep it simple.



August 4, 2008

Naked Cowboy Meets Denali In New York City

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After a quick sniff, Denali decided today to pose next to the Naked Cowboy.

This was Denali’s first on foot adventure to Times Square but, not his first time to New York City. Besides dodging tons of yellow taxis we had a marvelous time in the city.

Thank you Naked Cowboy!



August 3, 2008

On the road again.. 1st stop Ricketts Glen State Park in PA

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Denali came into my life when I lived in Pennsylvania. Monthly, we would pack the Jeep with a camera and a good pair of hiking boots to hit the trails at Ricketts Glen State Park in Benton, PA.

The park is just BEAUTIFUL… Full of waterfalls and some awesome trails.

Four year later after leaving Pa., Denali and I are on a little road trip back to the area and he suggested we make Ricketts our first stop.

As soon as we pulled into the park, we went for a hike, then he decided it was time to hit the water.


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