May 15, 2008

What Happens To A Dog When It Eats Coins

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It’s been a rough week for Denali. Last weekend he went for a follow-up vet visit, and I was told he had something in his stomach that needed removed. That something turned into $1.80 in coins. Quarters and a nickel.

This is the second major surgery the poor guy has undergone. He’s fine, however.

His modeling duties are on hold while he is stitched up. Denali is moving slowly but still is happy, wagging his tail and requests his pets. No stick tossing this week.

May 4, 2008

Going For A Swim In Lake Erie

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Denali has this habit that is bred into a Golden Retriever. It’s called an addiction to swimming.Today, without my approval, he decided to go for a swim in Lake Erie.

A nice drive to Marblehead, O. with my brother turned into a wet, smelly mess in the Jeep, but how can you deny a dog the chance to do what he enjoys.Oh well, he’ll just stink for a few days. By now I’m used to it.


The famous lighthouse at Marblehead

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