March 29, 2008

Bowling Green State University Bookstore To Sell The Vision

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The Vision continues to spread. Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and the Toledo area have joined the growing list of cities selling Denali’s wisdom.

But this is a first for us.


Bowling Green State University, famous for its Freddie the Falcon mascot, has confirmed its on-campus bookstore has welcomed a golden retriever’s vision to be sold alongside Freddie gear. A full selection of the cards will be sold.

Denali celebrated the big news by showing off his new school hoodie, and promptly taking a nap after his shoot.


March 27, 2008

Denali Conquers Clyde, Ohio, Meets With Shop Owners

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John and Susan owners of Our Town’s Brewin in Clyde, Ohio got a visit from Denali this afternoon.

On your next journey when traveling through Clyde, make sure you stop in to get one of 30 fresh pies made by this cozy all-American store. The best part of a visit to Our Town Brewin’ is the casual atmosphere and the ability to purchase one of Denali’s latest cards.

Welcome, John and Susan!


March 21, 2008

Denali Travels To Chicago, Becomes Windy City Doggie

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Denali and I took a day trip to Chicago this past week. Along with playing in the sand on Lake Shore Drive, we had a great time and Denali’s cards were welcomed by four more outlets.The stores are: Tails In The City, Heartland Cafe, Dog-A-Holics and Barnard Ltd.

Thank You.. Chicago 🙂


Fashion Diva Works Hard For His Money

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Denali takes a break during an afternoon photo session.


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