March 7, 2018

My husband and Wilbur

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This is an odd moment to see in the yard, my husband petting Sir W. I went out back to the shed and I found my husband petting Sir W, while chatting on the phone. He had no idea I was out with my camera, and to catch a moment like this is awesome. I know at times he gets frustrated with Wilbur, but we all get frustrated with things and still love them. I love my boys. Have a great week everyone!

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577 Foundation

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With the weather starting to warm up, I decided it was a good time to visit 577 Foundation in Perrysburg with the crew. As soon as I pulled into the lot, Wilbur had his head sticking out of the window smiling and a worker on the grounds said.. Your dog is welcome here too. Thats awesome to know when you go out. Anyways, the girls and Sir W had a blast, especially when we came up to this cool huge ceramic dome. They all went inside and I got photos of them looking out the holes, including Sir W. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Salmon for dogs

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Does anyone feed their dogs cooked salmon skin? My brother-in law told me about it, he said too that it’s good for them and I was unaware of this. Sir W will eat just about anything. My goal is to give him dog food, but a few healthy things on the side along with what his two little little ladies share with him is ok. Since this was an experimental photo, I put a bib on him and my husbands carhartt hat to keep him warm. Mr W was actually a good boy and sat patiently while I took his photo with his eyes in deep concentration with the salmon. He ate it and I think he liked it…Shocker!! Have a great week everyone!

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Dinner Time

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Wilbur is awesome, however when it comes to food we still have issues. He still gets so excited when he eats, that he tries to inhale it all in one gulp, so I need to feed him a few pieces at a time. Toddler G watches me do this every day and recently offered to help me with his meals. I was nervous at first because he sometimes jumps on me when I feed him, but is completely opposite with her. Sir W will patiently stand while she feeds him piece by piece. It’s very interesting how dogs react with different people. Love you Wilbur. Have a great weekend everyone!

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February 21, 2018

Bath Time

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Somedays, Sir W picks the worst places to nap. For some reason, he often naps next to the tub when the girls are getting a bath. You would think with all the water splashing and bubbles flying in the air, it would deter him, but no.. He continues to lay there and the girls find joy in seeing how many bubbles they can get on him. He loves his girls. Have a great week everyone!

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Wonderful Evening

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On Valentine’s night when you have a dog, a 2 and a 4 year old full of energy, what do you do? Stay home, order cheese bread and have a Valentine’s Days party under the kitchen table with Peppa, Minnie Mouse and Sir W. How awesome is that?! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Loving your puppy

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Toddler G loves Sir W but she also loves to mess with him. While someone was outside doing their duty, G thought it would be a good time for a snack. So she took the bag of chips my husband was eating and went to the sliding door to see where Sir W went. When he returned to the door the look on his face as she and not sharing was priceless. Just last week, Sir W took pear slices out of her hands, and ate them… I wish he would not do that, his manners are awful. We love you Wilbur. Have a great week everyone!

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Shoveling Snow with a Dog

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This is what I’m up against when I shovel… Wilbur. He loves to get directly in front of me and then he starts hopping like a bunny back and forth as I toss the snow. Is anyone else familiar with this? He probably thinks he’s being helpful showing me where the snow is or what not, but it’s Sir W, so it’s all good. Have a great weekend everyone!

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February 7, 2018

Sledding on Sunday

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Sunday morning, we woke up to some fresh snow. Sir W and the girls were thrilled, so we decided to go sledding. We took a couple of sleds, including my parents old toboggan. Are goal was to get girls and Sir W all on it, but were unsuccessful. Even though Sir W didn’t go for a ride on the sled, he still smiled for a photo. Have a great week everyone !


Puppy Love

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I’m sure there are days when Sir W wants quiet time. However, the few times he’s left alone, he cries, barks, and scratches the paint off the window next to the front door. G noticed that someone was having a peaceful moment alone under the bed and said, Wilbur needs some company. So, they joined him and started the play next to him, they just love him. Have a great weekend everyone.

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