August 15, 2017

A Walk in the Park

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I can honestly tell you that Sir W has been doing amazing with other dogs. So far we have attended 3 to 4 walks along the Maumee River with A Walk in the Park and Sir W is improving every time. Even last week, we visited A Walk in the Park and Sir W was in a room without a collar or leash playing with other dogs. Shocking…YES!! Well, here’s happy Sir W yesterday during the morning walk with some new friends. Have a great week everyone!

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10 years in business

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In August of 2007 I launched my Denali The Dog greeting card business with 5 cards. It’s amazing that 10 years and 44 cards later, I’m still plugging along, not giving up on my little business that Denali and I created. Over the years, I’ve had lots of popular cards, but none have been in demand as my Sir Wilbur, Donald Trump card. Locally at Walt Churchill’s in Maumee, Ohio, I had to use two slots for my President Trump cards because they keep on selling out. It’s amazing how many smiles you can get from adding a wig, a little bit of hairspray and a suit, to a very patient dog. Thank you Denali and Sir W for putting up with me and my fun ideas. Thanks to all of you for supporting me over the years.

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Golden LOVES Dirt!!!

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He’s back at it again… eating dirt. This must be some type of gourmet meal for him. My husband says he’s crazy and the doctor is not worried, but I am annoyed. As you all know, we have a project going on in our yard, I was picking up some pieces of dirt and Mr W took them out of my hand and was eating them!! I thought this would be a fun photo to illustrate this and he tried to swipe some dirt from the plate too. So that means he’s back on the leash when in the yard. Wilbur I love you, but you frustrate me. Have a great week everyone!!

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August 4, 2017

Puppy Love

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Sir W had a minor accident on his paw and had to wear a collar on his head for a few days. Surprisingly, he had no problems wearing it, but the girls had a problem with it. For some reason, little G hated seeing him in it and kept on taking it off his head and running off with it. Big G loved playing peak-a-boo with him and the collar. The girls also played doctor with Wilbur and he could have cared less, a few minutes after I took this his head was down and he was snoring. Wilbur you are awesome..and yes his paw is doing better. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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A work in progress

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This weekend my husband finally had time to work on the shed. My goal was to keep the girls and Sir W far away from the project and as usual, I was unsuccessful with my mission. After my husband got the four walls up, toddler G asked my husband, “where’s the roof?”. My husband looked at me and said, “you sound like your mother”. I have a shot of Sir W posing while the girls were inspecting his work. Have a great week everyone!!

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If you all remember, in early May I took a photo of Sir W with some tiny sunflower plants. Well, it’s a few months later and guess what.. We have flowers, not a ton, but a few and some of them are around 6 foot tall. Shocking….yes!!! Here is a photo of Sir W posing with them, he’s so proud, and so am I. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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July 26, 2017

Little helpers

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Sir W likes to be involved with things going on at home and so does little G. She just turned 2 a few weeks ago and sees my husband and I washing the dishes, so she wants to help. As usual, Sir W being Sir W, likes to be close so he lays below them, napping while little G helps my husband. I love my family. Have a great week everyone!

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A work in progress

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Sir W has been good lately with things, and that’s quite odd for him. We visited a friend who has an older dog named Carley, and Wilbur did well. They have met a couple of times and Sir W seems to be okay with her. My next experiment is to bring Carley to our home for a visit and see how Mr W does with that. This is a shot of the two of them resting under a trampoline, until toddler G ran over to Carley for a hug and then off to Wilbur for a hug. She’s the best. Have a great weekend everyone!

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A Walk in the Park

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Everyone knows that Sir W is not the best with other dogs. A few people have suggested to take him to a guy named Dirk who runs A Walk in the Park in Maumee, Ohio. Well, I gave him a ring and he suggested for us to join his weekly Sunday 1030 am walk at Side Cut Park. Roughly 18 dogs attended and it was shocking…Dirk took Wilbur, and I walked his dog Duke on the first part of our stroll. I could tell Wilbur was nervous, not being with me, but he was awesome. I have never seen Wilbur so well behaved with so many dogs. Normally he’s growling and pretending to be mean. Dirk was very calm and relaxed, his love for dogs is undeniable. We had such a nice experience, I hope to join a few of these walks on Sunday if we are not busy. Go Wilbur and Thanks Dirk for inviting us… Have a great week everyone!!

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Happy Boy

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We had a birthday party over the weekend for little G and Sir W spent the majority of the time outside. The children were running around petting him like crazy and Sir W was having a fabulous time. I grabbed a few hats and placed them on his head for a photo and before I knew it, big G was diving in for a hug from Sir W. He’s so good with the children. Have a great week everyone !

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