January 5, 2018

A girl and her puppy

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We were getting ready to head to my parents home for a New Years Eve party and G asked if Wilbur was coming. I told her no, he was not invited because he might eat all the food on the table. She seemed very upset, almost always Sir W is with us. Just before we headed out, I found her with Wilbur surrounded by her beloved stuffed animals. I asked her what she was doing and she said she didn’t want him to be alone. Love her! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Happy New Year, love Sir W and toddler G! As usual, Sir W is posing and G is trying to balance a hat on her head while wearing her New Year’s tiara. It’s all about her and W, she just loves him. Thanks for being a fan of Denali The Dog, we enjoy sharing our stories with all of you. Have a great New Year!

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Too Cold! Bring you’re pets INSIDE

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The last few days, the weather in Ohio has been in the single digits. I read some stories about people leaving their dogs outside without shelter and it breaks my heart. My idea of having a dog is having a four legged furry family member. Wilbur goes outside for less than 2 minutes, does his thing, then comes back in. Usually I’ll find him on our bed, covered in blankets playing peak-a-boo with the girls soon after. I just wish other dogs were as lucky. If you come across a dog alone outside in the cold without shelter, please contact the authorities. I wish the laws regarding this were better.. I feel so bad, the poor animals.

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Christmas Out-takes

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This is an outtake from our Christmas card. Sir W is posing, and the girls are being girls. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone, we love you. Thanks for following Denali The Dog!

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December 21, 2017

Say cheese…

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Has this ever happened to you…You see your child playing with your puppy, looking so cute. So you run to get your camera and tell them to smile and then your toddler starts screaming, No, I don’t want my photo!! She then she puts her head in her lap pouting.. Have a great Christmas weekend everyone!!

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Christmas Tree

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This is how Sir W spent the majority of his Sunday evening. Watching Peppa Pig and Puppy Dog Pals under the Christmas tree with his favorite little girl. If you look closely next to Wilbur, you will notice G’s legs in red and white striped jammies. They truly are the best of friends. Have a wonderful week everyone!

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Bass Pro Santa

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We took the family to visit Santa at Bass Pro. The little ladies had a great time, however little G was not interested in the red hat, white bearded fellow. Also, just because Sir W is wearing his trendy cone, it didn’t stop him from having his photo with Santa. I think I figured it out, since Wilbur has been a puppy, he’s been wearing a variety of clothes and hats, so that’s why he has no problem with the cone. Love him! Have a fun weekend everyone!!

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December 11, 2017

Cone Time

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For some crazy reason, Sir W has another hot spot. I have no idea what’s going on. He got a bath on Monday and then started to itch a bit and I noticed it yesterday. Honestly, he does not care or seem bothered once again with the cone on him. Maybe he doesn’t mind the cone because he knows he’s going to get more peanut butter than normal. Oh’s all good, he’s in good spirits. Have a great week everyone!!

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With the holiday season upon us, we stared to slowly decorate the house. I came across this old nativity scene I did years ago in preschool. Toddler G loves it and was going around the house telling us all who was who. She even told Sir W, he didn’t seem to be that interested, but she wanted him to know. I love her and Sir W too. Have a great weekend everyone!

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O’ Christmas Tree

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When I was little, I always wanted a real Christmas tree and my parents never got one. Now that I have my own little family, we visit a Christmas tree farm every year. This was our first visit to Whitehouse Christmas Tree Farm and as we walked about, it was exciting to see how many people brought their dog to help choose a tree. However, I did not see any dogs posing with a cool headband and scarf like Sir W did next too some Christmas trees. He’s the best, have a great week everyone!

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