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Adorable Dog Greeting Cards

Greeting cards for any occasion

A Greeting Card a Day Keeps the Bad Vibes Away

Do you know people who are having a ruff day? Sometimes, all we need to do is give them a hug and lend them an ear to listen. But who knows? Maybe a greeting card with a dog cover can comfort them, too.

Brighten someone’s day with cards from Denali the Dog! Denali, our golden retriever, has a golden vision he wants to share through our greeting cards. When you feel stressed or unhappy, our cards can be therapeutic and funny, especially with Denali in his costumes as the cover. Forget your worries for a while and share the fun by sending a card to your loved ones today.

Our Mission

Our goal is to make people smile and be happy.

Spreading Happiness One Card at a Time

Since 2007, Denali has always made people smile through his adorable photographs and unique messages. He passed away in Maumee, OH in June 2014, but his legacy to make people happy continues with his little brother, Sir Wilbur, who is now the subject of our greeting cards.


Contact Us

Have our canine friends made your day? If you have questions or even suggestions for our greeting cards, get in touch with us and let us know what you have in mind.